Top U.S, China diplomats meet in Hawaii amid frayed ties

World News - Wed, 2020-06-17 23:19
U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo met China's top diplomat, Yang Jiechi, in Hawaii on Wednesday amid a deep deterioration of ties between the strategic rivals, their first face-to-face meeting since last year.
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Trump says U.S. will not lock down again amid rising coronavirus cases

World News - Wed, 2020-06-17 22:56
President Donald Trump said on Wednesday the United States would not close businesses again as several states reported rising numbers of new coronavirus infections.
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China tells U.S. to stop interfering in its affairs, work to repair relations

World News - Wed, 2020-06-17 22:48
China's top diplomat told his U.S. counterpart that Washington needed to respect Beijing's positions on key issues, halt its interference in issues such as Hong Kong, Taiwan and Xinjiang and work to repair bilateral relations.
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U.S., China discuss need for full transparency to fight coronavirus

World News - Wed, 2020-06-17 22:27
U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo met China's top diplomat Yang Jiechi on Wednesday and discussed the need for full transparency and information sharing between the two nations to combat the coronavirus pandemic and prevent future outbreaks.
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China says it must improve hygiene in markets after Beijing outbreak

World News - Wed, 2020-06-17 22:25
Low standards of hygiene in China's wholesale food markets and vulnerabilities in its food supply chain need to be urgently addressed after a new coronavirus outbreak in Beijing, a leading body of the ruling Communist Party said.
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Global stocks retreat on rising second wave fears

World News - Wed, 2020-06-17 22:18
Asian stocks and Wall Street futures fell on Thursday as spiking coronavirus cases in some U.S. states and China crushed hopes of a quick global economic comeback from the pandemic.
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China says top diplomat Yang held constructive talks with Pompeo

World News - Wed, 2020-06-17 22:09
China said on Thursday its top diplomat, Yang Jiechi, and U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo held constructive discussions during their meeting in Hawaii and that the two sides agreed to continue engagement and communication.
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Trump asked China to help him win in 2020, offered 'favors to dictators,' Bolton says

World News - Wed, 2020-06-17 22:07
In a withering behind-the-scenes portrayal, President Donald Trump's former national security adviser John Bolton accused him of sweeping misdeeds that included explicitly seeking Chinese President Xi Jinping's help to win re-election.
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Trump signs bill pressuring China over Uighur Muslim crackdown

World News - Wed, 2020-06-17 21:47
China threatened retaliation after U.S. President Donald Trump signed legislation on Wednesday calling for sanctions over the repression of China's Uighurs, as excerpts from a book by his former national security adviser alleged he had approved of their mass detention.
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Heavy fog may have disoriented pilot in Kobe Bryant helicopter crash: NTSB

World News - Wed, 2020-06-17 21:43
The pilot of a helicopter that crashed outside Los Angeles in January, killing basketball great Kobe Bryant, his daughter and all seven others on board, likely became disoriented in the fog, federal investigators said on Wednesday.
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China warns of countermeasures in response to U.S. Uighurs law

World News - Wed, 2020-06-17 21:27
China on Thursday warned of countermeasures in response to U.S. President Donald Trump signing legislation calling for sanctions over the repression of China's Uighur Muslims, demanding that Washington stop interfering in its affairs.
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Atlanta prosecutors hope to persuade jury to second-guess officer who shot Brooks

World News - Wed, 2020-06-17 21:08
Prosecutors seeking to convict Atlanta police officer Garrett Rolfe for murder in the shooting death of Rayshard Brooks must try to persuade jurors to do something they rarely do - second guess split-second police decisions.
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Republican U.S. Senator Scott unveils police reforms, Democrats push for broader changes

World News - Wed, 2020-06-17 20:43
U.S. Senate Republicans unveiled a law enforcement reform bill on Wednesday as a rival to more sweeping Democratic legislation, as Congress sought to curb racial discrimination and police abuses three weeks after the death of George Floyd.
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South Korea's nuclear envoy visits U.S. amid flaring tension with North

World News - Wed, 2020-06-17 20:18
South Korea's chief nuclear negotiator will visit officials in Washington on Thursday amid flaring tensions with North Korea after Pyongyang blew up an inter-Korean liaison office and threatened military action.
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In Tulsa, fears that Trump rally may worsen racial unrest, spread of coronavirus

World News - Wed, 2020-06-17 20:09
When President Donald Trump takes the stage at his first rally in three months on Saturday night, the scene in Tulsa, Oklahoma, will be familiar: a large venue filled with ardent supporters wearing "Keep America Great” hats and T-shirts.
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Supreme Court LGBT ruling gives hope to those challenging military transgender ban

World News - Wed, 2020-06-17 19:58
Nic Talbott, a transgender man, was driving his truck in Chicago when his phone started buzzing in July 2017. With just over 50 words on Twitter, his dream to join the military seemed to have been destroyed.
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Requiring masks 'political hazard' as COVID-19 surges in California breadbasket

World News - Wed, 2020-06-17 19:36
The first wave of COVID-19 came slowly to San Joaquin County in the heart of California's breadbasket, but the much-feared second surge is roaring through, sickening as many people in the two weeks since Memorial Day as in March and April combined.
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Asian stocks set to fall as Wall St snaps 3-day winning streak

World News - Wed, 2020-06-17 19:32
Asian stocks were set to dip on Thursday after a choppy Wall Street session as spiking coronavirus cases and prospects of new lockdowns erased earlier confidence about a global economic recovery.
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Mothers as 'trauma surgeons:' the anguish of raising black boys in America

World News - Wed, 2020-06-17 19:05
Raising black boys in America involves "constant mental anguish," Danielle Pattillo, a special education teacher in New York City and mother to two sons, ages 14 and 22, said.
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Factbox: All the president's countries featured so far in ex-Trump adviser's book

World News - Wed, 2020-06-17 18:29
China was not the only country mentioned in a litany of allegations that former national security adviser John Bolton makes about U.S. President Donald Trump in excerpts published on Wednesday of his book, "The Room Where It Happened: A White House Memoir."
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